Access to the brand



Products under the brand Italian Legwear a touch of excellence ® are regulated by an independent party in order to guarantee compliance with the requirements specified in the Technical Regulations, in particular:


Source of products

The brand Italian Legwear a touch of excellence® is granted only to companies that prove they design and weave their own products in Italy, in order to emphasize the great Italian know-how on creativity and innovation.


Consumer Health

Products under the trade mark Italian Legwear a touch of excellence ® are regulated by sampling in an independent laboratory and do not contain chemicals known to be harmful to the health of the consumer.
The substances used in the production chain are monitored by accredited laboratories.


Care for the environment

Companies certified according to Italian Legwear a touch of excellence ® terms comply with environmental regulations and undertake to reduce energy consumption through relative reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Corporate responsibility

Certified companies apply to their working environment and promote through their suppliers a good practice of corporate behavior on workers’ rights, the safety of the workplace and human rights.


Qualità dei prodotti

To ensure that all products bearing the trade mark Italian Legwear a touch of excellence ® meet the required quality standards, the company must maintain checks of its own organization and of the different stages of the production cycle, including outsourcing, to ensure the quality of products put on the market.

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The brand has been designed to allow quick and easy identification of quality products which meet certain principles of corporate responsibility: the protection of health, attention to safety and respect of the staff and actions for reducing environmental impact. It is granted for use only on certified product lines.

The company, to be able to use the trademark Italian Legwear a touch of excellence ®, shall be audited by an internationally recognized certification body and the products shall be tested by accredited laboratories.

The brand Italian Legwear a touch of excellence ® can be used on packaging for products of the textile-hosiery industry that are in accordance with technical specifications and can be used in communication for products from companies that have completed the certification process.

The trade mark, on the packaging of the hosiery, indicates that the company that sells it to the customer (B2B) and all the supply chain that participated in its production is indirectly or directly regulated and certified.

Tights, stockings, socks, leggings and leggings may be branded with Italian Legwear a touch of excellence ®, but also any advertising related to products subject to certification and authorization procedures may use the trade mark..